There are links between the country of Switzerland from where Canson reigns and the music he brings to the world. The shiny peaks, the epic landscapes, the slick moods — traits which slide into every live set he creates and every track he builds. Canson does this in a polite way, in a well-timed way, in a Swiss way.

But his music is also global; one minute, the floating moods have you riding across Machu Picchu at dawn, the next, on a train, tripping through tunnels on the Asia Orient Express. Whether in the day or the night, in the club, or on the festival grass, we are taken away with his sweeping melodies over low-slung riffs and grooves.

It was in 1993 that Canson found electronic. With an apprenticeship in machine design and later a job in a record store, he was soon playing the local clubs in Zurich before taking his sound into greater Europe and lately the United States. Later he would begin to release: notably on Sub Static and Cityfox, then remixes for Kalabrese and Pupkulies & Rebecca among others. He has debuted tracks on KaterMukke and URSL Records, both from Berlin — a city close to his heart after his time playing for the Bar25 family whose stomping grounds evolved into Kater Holzig before becoming today's Kater Blau — their infamous ‘Kiosk’ one of his favourite wooden huts to absorb his music.
All in all, the music of Canson is esoteric and buttery. You are left driving on the highway into the future within the smoke and strobes, or beneath clouds shaped like alpine trails into somewhere special with the people you love.