Pigmalião is the musical project from the artist Daniel Lucas and it is a result of experiments on merging texturised, regional and roots references with strange and specific sounds from the globe. Pigmalião is the materialisation of the reference acquis from the label Frente Bolivarista and its sub-labels keeping in constant transmutation alongside his labels releases narratives.

As a touring DJ, he regularly plays shows in Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris, Santiago, Moscow, São Paulo in festivals like Fusion Festival (DE), Nomade Festival (CL), Festival Novas Frequências (BR), Nation of Gondwana (DE) and clubs such as Katerblau (DE), Salon Zur Wilden Renate (DE), D-EDGE (BR), Radion (NL), Le Petit Bain (FR), Leveldva (RU). Also was already invited to round tables on ADE (NL) and RMC (BR).

Daniel Lucas is manager and A&R of the Label FRENTE BOLIVARISTA home of artists like M.RUX, Carrot Green, Matanza, Chancha Via Circuito, El Buho and more hundred number of talents from all over the globe.

Pigmalião releases in labels such as Frente Bolivarista, Leveldva, Ynfnd, Feines Tier, Sonido Tropico, Festival Nomade, Schieff Musik among many other relevant for this scene