Christian Schiemann, a native of Dresden, is both, producer and DJ with a strong presence in the Zurich techno scene. You might have encountered him at Hive club, where he holds a residency, or many other of the underground clubs and parties that Zurich is notorious for. He is one of the heads behind the Les Enfants Terribles Collective, that is well known for their infamous partys in Switzerland and other countries in the world. He also manage`s as part of a duo the L.E.T Music Label and the sub label Ararat Masis.
Balancing power, twisted and minimalistic grooves and elements from contemporary house music, Christian effortlessly strides the many facets that electronic music embodies. With several releases and remixes on a wide range of labels, his musical imprint also has a big place in the studio.
If he is not alone behind the decks then he is probably playing as part of Hug and Schiemann, a synergic and powerful duo that exists since 2014.
In the last years he had the chance to play in various Clubs around the world and share the booth with many great musicians, national Dj´s and international.