It is hard to miss Frau Hug when it comes to the Zürich techno scene. Resident of club Hive since may 2016, and a very frequent guest of other prominent Zürich techno clubs such as Revier and Frieda‘s Buxe, she is known to bring deep and groovy minimal tech to a euphoric crowd. Her style, which was shaped in the mid- 2000s minimal epoch is influenced today by a wide variety of minimal and deep tech artists. 

Frau Hug started playing and collecting tracks at 17, in Singapore where she lived her teenage years. Her first gig however was in Zurich, 8 years later in 2013, as the first member of „Les enfants terribles“ a fast-growing Zürich-based label. From then on she has been very active not only alone but also as part of Hug & Schiemann since 2014 and more recently B2B with Samsara. 

While she usually aims to bring energy and groove in her sets, she also very often delves into deepness and emotions. Regardless, you will always feel her positive and energizing personality radiating throughout the dance floor. In fine, as she says it, she is most passionate about sharing the music that reaches her with the crowd.