Nahste Oner is a Swiss producer based in Jura / Bernese. Passionate for 15 years by the music and the deejaying, it is in the production that he spends his greatest time. Thirsty to learn and understand, electronic music is more than just a passion for him, he lives through this an immense pleasure. Today the next step is to play his own tracks live on stage. His style is between house, techno, minimal, micro, break, and crazyness. Nahste is not defined in a specific style. The pieces produced this very rarely, always evolving, between ableton and his machines he will take you in his groove. With releases on Musiq Record, Samani, Baile Musik, Main Hand Music, Sit Down Recording, Sonic Recording, OuiOui Concept, or his own label Nahstescu Record, you can imagine the diversity of his style.

His career begins in Moutier as a DJ all style but is moving quickly to the house and minimal music. After some date left on the right in Switzerland he begins to make himself known nicely. Subsequently, at Basel Borderline for 2 years, he quickly obtained various residences in the clubs of Bern (Kapitel, Rondel, Minibar, Gasskessel) with his former Agency "Dropout Agency" which follows him for 4 years. All the while a 40th release and the unreleased track double so.

Nahste is very discreet, "underground", He takes the time to build and his base is solid. 2018 is the year of transit between deejaying and live. Although he will still continue to play dj set, he will take more time to play live in places he likes

You could see Nahste in the four corners of Switzerland, from Zurich to Basel via Geneva, Lausanne, with dates in the clubs Folklor Lausanne, Hive ZH, Revier ZH, Nordstern BS, Dachstock BE, Kapitel BE, Gaskessel BE , Coupole BIEL. Also outside Switzerland such as Waha Festival in Romania, Rummel Bucht Berlin, Farbfernseher Berlin, The 45Tours Paris etc. ... and some festival like Electron in Geneva, Paléo Festival in Nyon ...

Nahste likes to mix styles, create harmonies with mixtures, take risks behind decks and this while remaining calm and focused. Influenced by Hiphop and Break Beat music, enjoying the frequencies of meditations all with a touch of madness and groove will entice you with it. Influenced by the Hiphop music of the 2000s and break beat / Trip hop, it is gradually moving towards minimal music, groove house / micro. He is able to decipher his audience from the first minutes and constantly looking for new combos. Each of his services is different.

Label release : Main Main Music, Raw Level Records, Vibe Experience, Musiq Record, Sit Down Recordings, Binaural Arts, Perception Dub, Baile Musik, Sonic Recordings, Jelly Beast Recordings, UF Recorings, Samani, Minli Music New York, ACHT, OuiOui Concept & Nahstescu.